Saturday, January 7, 2012

And it all comes together.

When all of your dreams come true, what will you do the day after?
We were married under the Hawaii sun. Completely in love and with God on our side, the day was perfect. He is a true best friend to me. Eternity doesn't seem long enough.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i LOVE you

Dear God,
I wanted to give you a few reasons as to why I love you so much.

1. Even when I pull my hand away--you continue to reach.
2. You never go away. No matter what.
3. You let me know you are here with me and listening.
4. You are interested in my life, and you want to help me better myself.
5. You are my best friend. I want to marry my best-friend--therefore I must find someone who allows you to live through them.
6. You bless me each day with small and large things. I recognize these blessings and sincerely appreciate them.
7. I know that everything I have is because of you.
8. You hear me and you see me.
9. I can feel you in my home--protecting us.
10. You send people into my life to guide me. Angels.
11. You show me that you love me each day.
12. When I need to call on you--I never get a feeling that you are too busy.
13. My life is better with you in it, and I am better because of you.
14. I know that I could list a thousand reasons why I love you, and even still, your list is longer and more detailed as to why you love me individually.
15. You let me fall--knowing I will learn from my mistakes and become stronger.
16. You blessed me with a good family and good friends.
17. I can close my eyes and hear the sounds of this earth--knowing it was you that created it.
18. When I am feeling down--you give me reasons to smile.
19. You give flowers to everyone.
20. I love that we all have the opportunity to change through the atonement.
21. I feel safe with you.
22. You take the wheel when you know I can't take it anymore.
23. You bless me with opportunities to serve. Especially when I ask for them.
24. I love you. Thank you for the stars, moons, and planets. Thank you for opportunities to grow. Thank you for good days and thank you for bad days. Thank you for creating me and for loving me unconditionally.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am in love...

With This PUPPY! ^

These BOOTS -> funny friends...

Friday, October 29, 2010


My Facebook is back up and running, but only for a bit. I didn't think I needed to give anyone an excuse for deleting my social networking life...but apparently when you pull a 180 on people, they get freaked out. I had so many missed calls and texts that day from people asking what they did wrong and why I deleted them as a friend. Sorry! Facebook really is a black hole I suppose. I still need email addresses, because (FAIR WARNING) I am going to delete my facebook account. Eventually. No one did anything wrong... I just don't really want it right now. At least that is the excuse I am giving to those of you who need one.

Life is good. I am happy and productive and excited to graduate. Love you all and I would love to see my friends in person more often if possible!!

Remembering the Seasons

Day 2.





I am sooooo grateful for sweaters! I have quite the sweater collection building up lately. I've been told that I am a "fall" girl and I cannot deny it. As much as I love summer...there is nothing better than colorful leaves, a cool brisk breeze, green grass, and a bit of snow on the mountains. I am a boots and sweater type girl. :) I'm also grateful for my camera. I LOVE taking pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two words

Day 1.

Two words to describe two things that I am grateful for:


(My Goose Down)

Today I am thankful for my Down comforter and for math. I LOVE math. I never thought I would say those words...but I do. Math is consistent and trustworthy. My blanket is inviting and warm every single night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get lost

For "family" night... we went to Cornbelly's Corn Maze. After 8pm everything turned ghostly. :) I will share one funny moment from last night...
We were walking through a small haunted maze, I was holding my boys hand while keeping a close eye on the girl who was walking closely behind me. (She has seizures so I was concerned b.c of the strobe lights.) After a scary clown/freak/murderer man popped out and scared us...I heard this girl start breathing heavily. The lights flashed off for a moment so I spun around and grabbed her shoulders to see if she was alright, and when they flashed back on...I was NOT holding the shoulders of the girl in our group...but the shoulders of the scary clown/freak/murderer man. I screamed and ran for it, burying my face in my dates sweater. This mans face was priceless. A little shocked that someone had grabbed him and pulled him close. I keep laughing about this moment and I think it will be a joke within our social circle for awhile.

Alrighty, time to focus in Biology. :)